Dolenjska Delights Project

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Dolenjska Delights Project

Dolenjska Delights is a collective brand created under the auspices of the Institute of Culinary and Tourism Dobrote Dolenjske . We have been creating the delicacies of Dolenjska since 2014, when the idea of uniting and connecting the best providers from this Slovenian region was born. This is how the "Dobrte Dolenjske" brand was created, which today unites more than 73 different providers with more than 450 high-quality, certified products from the area of the former historical land of Dolenje Kranjska, which included Dolenjska and Bela Krajina. The area is bounded on the north by the Sava River, on the south and southeast by the border with Croatia, and on the west by Babno polje, Loški potok, Bloke plateau and the river Iška.

The Dolenjska Delights certificate - EXCELLENCE FROM DOLENJSKA - provides the consumer with traceability and guaranteed Dolenjska origin of the product. The product that receives the certificate is also of high quality, as its quality and originality have been assessed by an independent three-member expert commission. Since the establishment of the Dobrote Dolenjska brand, we have been working closely with external, independent experts: with the ethnologist and great connoisseur of Slovenian cultural heritage, dr. Janez Bogataj, with a lecturer in the field of tourism at the University of Maribor and the largest expert in the field of collective brands in Slovenia, dr. Tanja Lešnik Štuhec, and with a renowned Slovenian caterer, Franc Jezeršek. Depending on the registered products or services, we also invite guest critics to evaluate the products, who are experts in the field being evaluated. The evaluations take place once a year or once every two years. The commission evaluates products and services (and also awards the best with the Dobrote Dolenjske certificate) from the following seven categories:

  1. culinary products,
  2. handicrafts,
  3. guided experiences,
  4. culinary events,
  5. dishes and drinks served in restaurants,
  6. accommodation,
  7. Hiša Dobrote Dolenjske, where the integrated offer is evaluated (accommodation, catering offer, own products of the homestead).

The specialty of our culinary products is their Slovenian origin. However, the products are not only processed in Dolenjska, but the vast majority of the ingredients that make up the products are also produced in this Slovenian landscape, which gives the products added value. Because Slovenian and European legislation, defines the country of origin of a product, as the country in which the last stage of production took place - this is usually a final processing stage. By this legislation, Slovenian origin would thus only mean that the raw materials were processed in Slovenia, even if the materials (for example grains) were of unknown origin. The added value of our products is that we guarantee the Slovenian origin of the raw materials as well.

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