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Bela Frankinja Kerin

Vinarstvo Kerin

Bela Frankinja Kerin

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Varietal composition: Blue Franconian

Alcohol level: 10.50 vol. %

About the product: White Franconian is a pleasant white semi-sweet wine made from red Blue Franconian grapes. The light wine is special because of its delicate taste and transparent color with a slight pink tinge.

The process of growing White Franconian is far from easy. Even when picking grapes, extreme care must be taken so that the skins of the grapes are not damaged, as otherwise they would leave their red color on the inner juice of the grape and consequently on the wine.

The Kerin wine family from Straža near Krško is recognizable in the Dolenjska region for its 28,000 vines, from which they obtain around 50,000 liters of wine a year. In winemaking, they rely on a long tradition as well as innovation. Blue Franconian grapes are used to make as many as 8 different wines, even rose sparkling wine. However, they managed to develop the White Franconian after five years of hard work and research. In order to assess the versatility of the Blue Franconian flavors, it is indispensable to taste it in both its red and white versions.