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Beli Pinot Opara Creation 0,75 l

Vina Opara

Beli Pinot Opara Creation 0,75 l

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Type of wine: dry white wine

Varietal composition: Pinot Noir

Alcohol level: 13.50 vol. %

About the product: The golden-yellow white wine has been boiling and maturing for a year and a half in oak barrels. In the white pinot of the Opara Creation collection, we notice aromas of yellow fruit, roasted nuts, caramel, honey, butter and smoke.

The recommended serving temperature is 10-12 ° C

Opara winemaking has enjoyed a high reputation for decades. From their beginnings with the production of cviček, their winemaking has developed with the introduction of new methods of wine production and new, fresh varieties of wine, such as Laško Riesling and Blue Franconian. The wines of their Creation line represent quality mature wines of older vintages.