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ECHO rdeče Frelih 0,75 l

Vinska klet Frelih

ECHO rdeče Frelih 0,75 l

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Type of wine: dry red wine (cuvée or variety)

Varietal composition: Blue franconian (Dolenjska), Merlot (Vipava valley), Barbera (Vipava valley)

Alcohol level: 13.00 vol. %

About the product: The Frelih wine cellar is a family winery in the heart of Šentrupert, opposite a late Gothic church in the city center. Frelih vineyards are distinguished by their sunny location, quality soil and favorable climate. They grow traditional vines, whose grapes they turn into wines of the best quality. In addition to Cviček od fare, which was the first cviček registered and awarded at the Decanter wine competition, the Frelih Wine Cellar is also distinguished by various sparkling wines obtained by the traditional method, younger wines and wines matured in oak barrels.

ECHO red is a cuvée of three different red varieties, each of which is characteristic of one of the three wine-growing regions of Slovenia. Grapes are bought from various winegrowers, production is controlled. The grapes must be very healthy, as the fermentation takes place with their own yeasts, which leaves a special mark on the wine. Each of the varieties boils separately, and the wines are mixed after fermentation. Due to the legislation, this type of wine can only be categorized as a table wine - ECHO red won a silver award in 2018 at the most famous and most prestigious Decanter wine competition.