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Homemade Organic Lardo from "Krškopoljec" Pig

Ekološka kmetija Zabukovec

Homemade Organic Lardo from "Krškopoljec" Pig

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  • Ingredients: Krškopoljec pig bacon*, sea salt, spice mixture*
  • Weight: 260 g
  • Type of meat: permanent dry organic meat of Krškopolje
  • Origin: Slovenia (EU)

* from organic production

About the product: A special feature of the Zabukovec Ecological Farm is the breeding of Krško-Polje pigs, an autochthonous Slovenian pig breed. Their breeding is based on extensive, slow fattening. Krškopoljec, or locally known as Krškopoljec, is known for its willingness to feed on fodder, which is not so demanding for planting and processing. It is resistant, and its flesh is more marbled (greasy), fuller in taste and very aromatic. Compared to the usual, white breed of pig, only about 55 kg of meat is obtained from 120 kg of Krškopolje. It also needs, compared to the white breed of pig, 2 times longer to grow - as much as 8 months. And even then, he doesn’t reach the weight that a white pig would. The people of Krško are also very active outside on the farm, they have their own barn and outlet, where they also sunbathe. The ratio of white to red meat is 70:30 in Krškopolje, but they also have strong bones and are lighter than normal pigs.

Organic meatless bacon from Krškopolje is made completely without preservatives. Because the bacon is cut by hand, there are slight deviations in the weight of the pieces. A piece of bacon weighs about 260 g. Store it at a temperature of up to 8 degrees.