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Homemade Marjoram Tea 25g

Dolenjska Delights

Homemade Marjoram Tea 25g

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Ingredients: sweet marjoram 100%

About the product: We collect sweet marjoram by hand in the authentic nature of Dolenjska and dry them in our own kilns. In the past, sweet marjoram was given to children to improve their concentration. It is also used in cooking due to its aromatic nature. Sweet marjoram disinfects the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates digestion, helps to eliminate cough, hoarseness and bronchitis. It has invigorating effects, similar to coffee, but also helps to regulate the menstrual cycle (summarized from the Handbook for collecting medicinal herbs - Father Simon Ašič's Home Pharmacy, revised edition, 4th reprint, 2007).

Directions for use: Steam a teaspoon of the herb with 2.5-3 dcl of boiling water and strain after 10 minutes.