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Homemade Nettle Tea 25g

Dolenjska Delights

Homemade Nettle Tea 25g

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Ingredients: 100% nettle

About the product: Nettles are harvested by hand in pristine Dolenjska nature and dried in our own kilns. Nettle is extremely rich in minerals, especially iron, and vitamins C, A, K. Iron helps to restore red blood cells and consequently supplies the body with oxygen and protects against anemia. It also has a diuretic effect, ie it drains water from the body, so nettle tea can be used to make a 2-week detoxification treatment for the body, and it also helps patients with arthritis and rheumatism. Nettle is invigorating, so it is recommended for mothers after childbirth and others to improve the immune system (summarized in the Manual for the collection of medicinal herbs - Home Pharmacy of Father Simon Ašič, revised edition, 4th reprint, 2007).

Directions for use: Steam a teaspoon of dried herbs with 2.5 dcl of boiling water and strain after 5 minutes. We drink up to 3 cups of tea a day for a maximum of three weeks. Tea is not suitable for pregnant women.