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Homemade Linden Tea 25g

Dolenjska Delights

Homemade Linden Tea 25g

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Ingredients: linden 100%

About the product: Linden flowers are collected by hand in the authentic and pristine nature of Dolenjska and dried in our own kilns. Linden flowers accelerate the excretion of water and sweating. Therefore, it is recommended to drink linden tea for problems like sore throat, cough, colds, hoarseness, kidney and bladder disease and abdominal cramps. It also has a positive effect sleep. Linden tea should not be drunk excessively, as it can cause heart damage (summarized in the Manual for the collection of medicinal herbs - Home pharmacy of Father Simon Ašič, revised edition, 4th reprint, 2007).

Directions for use: Steam a teaspoon of herbs with 2.5-3 dcl of boiling water and strain after 10 minutes.