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Metliška črnina Šturm 0,75 l

Vina Šturm

Metliška črnina Šturm 0,75 l

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Type of wine: dry red wine (cuvée or variety)

Varietal composition: Blue Franconian, Žametna črnina (Black Velvet grape), Portuguese

Alcohol level: 11.50 vol. %

About the product: The Šturm family cultivates about 8 hectares of vineyards on the estate in Bela krajina near Drašiče. Šturm wines are known for their excellent white and red wines, and orange wines and predicates are especially unique. Metliška črnina (Black Metlika) belongs to the ornament collection, as the label itself illustrates. It is a collection of the most Bela Krajina-clad wines, whose appearance was inspired by Bela Krajina Easter eggs and traditional Bela Krajina tablecloths. Wines from the Šturm ornament line are produced every year.

Metlika Black PTP is a wine produced from Blue Franconian, Black Velvet and Portuguese grapes. It is distinguished by drinkability, lightness and traditional recognizability. Metlika black is a medium deep purple color. The aroma is fruity, fresh and reminiscent of red fruit. The wine is dry and very drinkable, and is served at a temperature between 12 and 14 degrees. It goes well with home-made meats or lamb.