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Plečnik Tea
Plečnik Tea

Plečnikov čaj

Plečnik Tea

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Ingredients: mint, anise, good thought, thyme, sage.

About the product: Jože Plečnik was not only an extremely important Slovenian architect, but also a great lover of tea. But what does Jože Plečnik have to do with Dolenjska?

When Plečnik returned from Prague to Ljubljana in 1932, he was cared for by his housewife Urška Luzar, of Dolenjka descent, who remained with him until his death in 1957. Throughout the years, Urška made sure that the guests who came to visit the famous architect felt at home. She prepared various tea blends from home-grown herbs. It is interesting that Plečnik did not sweeten his tea, but to those guests who still wanted sweetened tea, he offered honey instead of sugar. Namely, Mr. Plečnik paid a lot of attention to natural nutrition, so honey was important to him as a natural food product, and he also had a apiary behind his house, so honey was always available.

Directions for use: Mix one teaspoon of tea with about 2 dcl of boiling water. Cover the cup, let it rest for 5 minutes and strain the tea. The tea can be sweetened with honey or sugar and supplemented with lemon juice.